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Cakebread Cellars Uses MeeFog to Control Humidity

MeeFog used to achieve a cave like feel, by maintain proper humidity levels.

Borax looks to MeeFog for Reliability

MeeFog gas turbine inlet air cooling utilizes the most effective and economical technology available.

Dixie Cup gets Production Boost from MeeFog System

Dixie Consumer Products LLC, a subsidiary of Georgia Pacific manufactures Dixie Cups. Over the past decade, Georgia...

MeeFog Maintains Proper Humidity in Press Hall, Reel Room & Roll Storage Area

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin USA. The continued growth of the Milwaukee area prompted the Journal Sentinel to...

Danfoss PAHT Pump Cuts Electrostatic Discharges and Energy Costs at Illinois Electronics Plant

At the Danfoss factory is in Loves Park, Illinois midwestern winters keep average temperatures below freezing five...

Medical Center Benefits from Cost-Efficient MeeFog System

The Upper Peninsula Medical Center has undergone over four major expansions in the last few years.

Boosting Data Center Efficiency with a MeeFog Humidification System

OneNeck IT Solutions wanted to cut its energy costs, but still needed a humidification system that would...

Technologies for Improving Power Usage Efficiency Ratings

When Facebook launched with it’s first data center in Prineville, Oregon, it went with a system that...

NCAR Uses MeeFog System to Prevent Electrostatic Damage to its New Supercomputer

Opening in 2012, the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) is a 170,000 square foot data center with...