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Oil Refinery Increases Output with Inlet Air Cooling

Blog: Refineries must continually find ways to lower their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact.
Image of a commercial building's hallway.

Medical Center Saves Energy and Money with MeeFog Humidifier

Installing a MeeFog humidifier saved the Medical Center money and decreased their energy usage overall.

Precise Cooling Gives Italian Refinery a Power Boost

Blog: Fog evaporates,  bringing temperatures down by up to 10°C.

Minimizing Infection through Humidification Control in Hospitals

When air is dry, or when relative humidity is below 40%, airborne viruses are more easily spread.

La Paloma Saves Millions by Implementing an Inlet Cooling System

Blog: Boost gas turbine power at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the turbine internals.
Grand Valley State University (GVSU) new building.

GVSU Yields Massive Energy Savings by Installing a MeeFog Humidification System

Humidifier can respond quickly to the requirements of the building.

MeeFog System Increases Power Output in Desert Conditions

The MeeFog system created a 15% increase in power output.

The Fine Art of Controlling Humidity

A fine Arts Center needed a design that could accommodate spaces ranging from a small control booth...

Heat Exchanger Cooling

Many heat exchanger processes may benefit from evaporative cooling.