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Precise Cooling Gives Italian Refinery a Power Boost

Fog evaporates,  bringing temperatures down by up to 10°C.

Minimizing Infection through Humidification Control in Hospitals

When air is dry, or when relative humidity is below 40%, airborne viruses are more easily spread.

La Paloma Saves Millions by Implementing an Inlet Cooling System

Boost gas turbine power at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the turbine internals.

GVSU Yields Massive Energy Savings by Installing a MeeFog Humidification System

Humidifier can respond quickly to the requirements of the building.

MeeFog System Increases Power Output in Desert Conditions

The MeeFog system created a 15% increase in power output.

The Fine Art of Controlling Humidity

A fine Arts Center needed a design that could accommodate spaces ranging from a small control booth...

Heat Exchanger Cooling

Many heat exchanger processes may benefit from evaporative cooling.

What Can Evaporative Air Cooling Do For You?

Evaporative cooling process significantly improves power usage, for energy savings projects.

Facebook Uses MeeFog to Cool and Humidify Data Centers

Facebook’s energy efficient 147,000 sq. foot data center can operate year-round without using mechanical cooling, even when...