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Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS)

As its name implies, the DCLS provides testing services for around 50 states and federal agencies including...

Clean Rooms: Army Research Laboratory Uses CHP and MeeFog Humidification to Cut Energy and O&M Costs

The Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland had been using a boiler to provide hot water as...

Kentucky College Installs MeeFog Humidification, Exhaust Cooling Systems and Water Treatment

Humidification for 4 Air Handlers and evaporative cooling for 4 Exhaust Units. This system is designed with...

Energy Efficient MeeFog System Allows Amherst College to Humidify the New Science Center

Humidification for AHU’s 1-4 & 6. Evaporative cooling for HRU’s 1-4. Consisting of one pump rack with...

Iowa State University Builds the First Gold LEED Certified Chemistry Laboratory

In 2011, ISU’s Hach Hall became the first chemistry building in the country to achieve LEED Gold...

Our Solution: Steam Condenser Pre-cooling

Case Study: A combined cycle power plant uses exhaust heat to make steam, the steam is run...

AC Condenser Pre-Cooling System Provides 16-Month Return on Investment

Project Profile: A circuit board manufacturer in Mexico installed pre-cooling on two York condensers.

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Fogging on Two SW 501FD2 GTs

Project Profile: A Southwestern US Power Station installed MeeFog Systems on two SW 501FD2 gas turbines.

Wet Compression for Two GE 7F.03 Gas Turbines

Project Profile: A power plant in the U.S. installed MeeFog wet compression systems on two GE 7F.03...