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11 Ways to Improve Gas Turbine Fog System Performance

Old gas turbine fog systems are prone to regular maintenance, high operating costs, and are not able to perform at today’s standards. Upgrading and replacing old parts and technologies can improve system performance and reduce operating costs.

Humidification Systems for Ripening Rooms & Cold Food Storage

MeeFog’s cold storage humidification system is designed for precise control even in tight spaces with less airflow

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Fogging: Wet Compression

The MeeFog system is a very cost-effective way to increase gas turbine power output. Installed costs are typically less than $150/kW.

Let Inlet Fogging Systems Improve Your Gas Turbine Performance

Evaporative cooling with inlet air fogging can be effective and economically beneficial in humid environments.

Oil Refinery Increases Output with Inlet Air Cooling

Refineries must continually find ways to lower their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact.

Precise Cooling Gives Italian Refinery a Power Boost

Fog evaporates,  bringing temperatures down by up to 10°C.

La Paloma Saves Millions by Implementing an Inlet Cooling System

Boost gas turbine power at a fraction of the cost of upgrading the turbine internals.

Heat Exchanger Cooling

Many heat exchanger processes may benefit from evaporative cooling.

Reliance Industries Maximizes Gas Turbine Output with a MeeFog System

Reliance saw an 8-10% increase in output even during cooler months.