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Fog Effects


Fog Effects For Fountains

Fog adds dimension and impact to a design, and it can be used to highlight and accentuate many design elements. MeeFog is used to create living, moving, pure water effects that simulate clouds and smoke.

Amusement Parks

MeeFog is the only practical fogging technique for long-term constant usage because it doesn’t require fog juice. With MeeFog effects, theming possibilities are endless.

Themed Entertainment

What can you create. Try spooky halloween fog, or a foggy atmosphere to enhance laser light effects, dragons and sea creatures, heavenly clouds, or even volcano fumaroles?

Zoos & Aquariums

MeeFog cooling and humidification can create the perfect environment for plants within a botanical garden. Pure water fog by Mee Industries produces ultra-fine fog droplets that are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.


MeeFog has over 50 years of experience with designing fog special effects for landscape enhancement. Fog cooling makes these areas useful even on the hottest of days. For beautiful effects, use MeeFog systems and your imagination.

Outdoor Cooling

MeeFog cooling enhances any outdoor space where nozzles can be hidden behind plants or located overhead. Evaporative cooling makes the outdoors friendly and inviting to guests.


The MeeFog CloudMaker creates clouds made of pure water. There are no expensive chemicals to buy or residues to clean up. The CloudMaker can be used to enhance many environments and experiences by adding dynamic movement and visual effects.