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Energy efficiency rating chart fluorescent light bulb and calculator closeup.

Humidification Systems: A Cost and Efficiency Comparison

Blog: Fog delivers acceptable IAQ and humidification effectiveness while keeping both installation and operating costs down.

Image of a commercial building's hallway.

How to Choose the Best Industrial Humidifier for Commercial Building Projects

Blog: Energy and cost comparison of humidification systems.

Sign for MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles.

MOCA Wins Greenest Customer Award

Case Study: Humidifiers preserve modern art collection.

Image of a commercial building's hallway.

Medical Center Saves Energy and Money with MeeFog Humidifier

Installing a MeeFog humidifier saved the Medical Center money and decreased their energy usage overall.

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) new building.

GVSU Yields Massive Energy Savings by Installing a MeeFog Humidification System

Humidifier can respond quickly to the requirements of the building.

The Fine Art of Controlling Humidity

A fine Arts Center needed a design that could accommodate spaces ranging from a small control booth to a 1,200 seat auditorium.

What Can Evaporative Air Cooling Do For You?

Evaporative cooling process significantly improves power usage, for energy savings projects.

Let Fog Be Your Hero!

DCLS replaced their gas fired humidifier, cutting maintenance and energy costs.

Imprecise Humidification Could Be Costing You $$$

Cost analysis comparing a compressed air system vs. Meefog