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Two GE 6561B Gas Turbines Achieve 8.6 MW Boost Saraburi, Thailand

A Thai Cogeneration Company installed MeeFog™ Systems on two GE 6561B gas turbines. Each system provides evaporative cooling and wet compression and produces a 4.3 MW power boost. This results in a 8.6 MW total power boost for the plant. Wet compression consists of spraying water into the gas turbine compressor. The water evaporates inside the compressor. This inter-cooling effect reduces the work of compression, which causes an increase in power output.

Project Conditions:

Location: Saraburi, Thailand
Hot day conditions: 38° with 29° C wet bulb
Elevation: Sea level
Max power boost per GT: 4.3 MW
Mee’s scope of work: Supply of fog pump skids, nozzle manifolds, and supervision of installation and commissioning

Fog System Design:

Evaporative cooling and 0.6% (of the air mass flow) as wet compression
Fogging stages: 7
Operating pressure: 2,000 psi
Fog droplet size: 12 microns
Nozzle flow rate: 0.17 lpm per nozzle
MeeFog nozzle count: 532
Max pumping power requirement: 40 HP

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