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Commercial & Industrial Humidification


Universities & K-12

Sprawling campuses are requiring facility managers to be more efficient. Fog is a cost effective alternative to boiler or electric steam, and improves the quality of indoor air for students and staff.

Industrial Humidifiers for Laboratories

Labs often require 100% outside air. This large load of humidification is a perfect place to apply an energy efficient MeeFog system.

Data Center Commercial Humidifier

A high pressure humidifier assists in avoiding low humidity in data centers. Maintaining humidity helps to avoid a static discharge situation

Hospitals & Healthcare

Maintain a healthy indoor environment with an energy efficient adiabatic humidification system

Humidification for Industry

Facility managers save energy and improve production speeds with humidification for the manufacturing floor.

Humidification for Public Spaces

MeeFog humidifies air handling units to meet the makeup air requirements for both valuable objects and human comfort.

Humidification for Cleanrooms

In the highly controlled environment of a clean room, temperature and humidity are kept to exact settings. Maintaining a precise +- 1% RH is possible with MeeFog and staging valves.