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New York City Financial Institution Data Center Heat Rejection on Rooftop

Evaporative pre-cooling to keep from having to shut down the data center during summer heatwaves.
Energy efficiency rating chart fluorescent light bulb and calculator closeup.

Humidification Systems: A Cost and Efficiency Comparison

Fog delivers acceptable IAQ and humidification effectiveness while keeping both installation and operating costs down.

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Fogging: Wet Compression

The MeeFog system is a very cost-effective way to increase gas turbine power output. Installed costs are...

Keep Your Greenhouse Humidified in Winter Using Fog Systems

Humidification using direct pressure nozzles is a growing area of green technologies.
Image of a commercial building's hallway.

How to Choose the Best Industrial Humidifier for Commercial Building Projects

Energy and cost comparison of humidification systems.

Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer Using Fog Systems

Efficiently bring the general temperature of the greenhouse down.

Let Inlet Fogging Systems Improve Your Gas Turbine Performance

Evaporative cooling with inlet air fogging can be effective and economically beneficial in humid environments.
Sign for MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles.

MOCA Wins Greenest Customer Award

Humidifiers preserve modern art collection.

Oil Refinery Increases Output with Inlet Air Cooling

Refineries must continually find ways to lower their energy usage and reduce their environmental impact.