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Reliance Industries Maximizes Gas Turbine Output with a MeeFog System

Reliance saw an 8-10% increase in output even during cooler months.

Let Fog Be Your Hero!

DCLS replaced their gas fired humidifier, cutting maintenance and energy costs.

Imprecise Humidification Could Be Costing You $$$

Cost analysis comparing a compressed air system vs. Meefog

Army Research Laboratory Uses CHP and MeeFog Humidification to Cut Energy and O&M Costs

At ARL, replacing the steam humidification system with a MeeFog humidification system was the solution.

Thomas Mee Presentation To 7Ea Users

Examples from 20 years of gas turbine fogging.

Nymphs in the Mist … a Unique Work of Fujiko Nakaya

Fountain fogged at Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais.

How Can Inlet Cooling Help Your Bottom Line?

PGE was in need of a solution to the problem all plant managers face — increase output...

Cakebread Cellars Uses MeeFog to Control Humidity

MeeFog used to achieve a cave like feel, by maintain proper humidity levels.

Borax looks to MeeFog for Reliability

MeeFog gas turbine inlet air cooling utilizes the most effective and economical technology available.