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Gas Turbine Fogging and Heat Exchanger Cooling


Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

MeeFog systems have been installed on over 90,000 MW of gas turbine capacity. With over 1,000 systems installed, the power boost from installed MeeFog inlet air fogging systems exceeds 9,000 MW.

Gas Turbine Wet Compression

A gas turbine compressor consumes half or more of the work produced by the expansion turbine. Wet Compression increases compressor efficiency producing a significant rise in the power output and fuel efficiency of a gas turbine.

Steam Condenser Pre-Cooling

Meefog systems can be used to pre-cool ambient air for air cooled condensers (ACC) used for petrochemical processes or combined cycle power plants. Pre-cooling can increase process throughput or decrease back pressure on steam turbines.

Heat Exchanger Pre-Cooling

MeeFog systems increase refrigeration capacity during periods of high ambient temperatures by evaporatively cooling the condenser coils. The capacity increase and electrical demand reduction is significant.