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Three MW Power Boost on LM 6000 in Mexico with MeeFog

Procter & Gamble in Mexico installed a MeeFog evaporative cooling system in their LM 6000 gas turbine...

Twelve GE 5371PA Gas Turbines Achieve 48 MW Boost Hallet, AUS

The MeeFog systems provide fog evaporative cooling and wet compression for twelve GE 5371PA gas turbines. Each...

MeeFog Cooling System Rapid ROI Pays for Additional Cooling Power

Midland Cogeneration Venture needed a cost-effective way to boost output at their facility. Mee Industries installed inlet...

Grand River Hospital Gains a Chemical-Free Humidification Solution

Fog uses clean water from an RO system and saves energy compared to direct steam injection.

Meefog System Gives Watson Cogen an Extra 10MW

No fog-related blade erosion in 20 years of operation any time the ambient temperature is above 50°F.

Fogging Makes A Comeback!

Expect a power increase as well as overall performance increase with less maintenance with a properly installed...

3 Cost Saving Facts of Evaporative Cooling

Midland Cogen Venture (MCV) needed an economical and efficient way to gain gas turbine power.

1 Simple Step to Reduce Topping Losses

Less topping equates to preserving the premium wine produced at Silver Oak Winery.