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Knott’s Berry Farm is a 160-acre amusement park located in Buena Park, California. The park features 35 rides including roller coasters, water rides, and family rides. The “Timber Mountain Log Ride” is the most popular attraction at the park. Originally known as the “Calico Log Ride” it takes riders through a winding 330-foot-long mountain displaying a variety of log cabin scenes along the way. The ride culminates in a steep descent into water, creating a massive splash!

The Challenge:

Knott’s Berry Farm needed a reliable way to add plumelike cloud generated from the thematic boiler at their famous Timber Mountain Log Ride.

The Solution:

Knott’s Berry Farm installed a MeeFog system to give them the effect they were looking for with the quality they expected. MeeFog is ideal for long-term constant usage in amusement parks.


The Installation:

Since its opening in 1969, the Log Ride has always been one of the most elaborate log flume rides in the US, taking guests through an 85-foot-high by 330-foot-long mountain range themed to a nineteenth-century lumber camp. As part of a recent ride refurbishment, Knott’s installed a MeeFog system into the smokestack of a thematic boiler, that releases a plume of fog to simulate smoke rising from the smokestack. The system uses high-pressure fog nozzles to create billions of ultra-fine fog droplets, nearly 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. These small droplets scatter light more creating a denser, whiter fog.

Theatrical smoke systems rely on “fog juice” to create a white colored plume of smoke. Chemicals are expensive for round-the-clock operations, and can leave residue. MeeFog systems require only water to achieve a dense white fog, making them less expensive to run and less harmful to the environment.

Dave Compton, Supervisor of Ride Maintenance at Knott’s explained “Having been involved with maintaining MeeFog systems here in the past, I feel that they are more reliable than other systems”.

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