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Inlet Cooling Boosts Power Output by 30 MW

A combustion turbine’s output is dependent on the mass of the air being moved through its compressor and the air volume flow per revolution is fixed. Lowering the air temperature increases the density of the air which increases the power output. Cooler air also requires less work to compress, requiring less power and lowering the parasitic load of the compressor. Each system provides 11 stages of fogging with an 15 MW power boost resulting in a 30 MW power boost total for the plant.

Project Conditions:

  • Model: Alstom GT26
  • Hot day conditions: 35° C with 26° C wet bulb
  • Elevation: Sea Level
  • Mee’s scope of work: design, build, supervise installation
  • Max power boost per GT: 15 MW

Fog System Design:

  • Fogging Stages: 11
  • Operating Pressure: 2,000 psi
  • Fog Droplet Size: 8.5 micron (SMD)
  • MeeFog™ Nozzle Count: 770
  • Nozzle Flow Rate: 0.17 lpm per nozzle
  • Max. Water Flow: 131 lpm
  • Max. Power Requirement: 55 HP

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