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Evaporative Cooling & Wet Compression Boosts Power Output by 30 MW

In 2012, MeeFog evaporative cooling and wet compression systems were installed on two Alstom 13E2 gas turbines. Wet compression consists of spraying water into the gas turbine compressor. The water evaporates inside the compressor giving an inter-cooling effect that reduces the work of compression, which causes an increase in power output. Each MeeFog system installed has 16 stages of cooling and provides a 15 MW power boost resulting in a total 30 MW power boost for the plant.

Project Conditions:


  •  Model: Alstom 13E2
  • Elevation: Sea Level
  • Mee’s scope of work: design, build, supervise installation
  • Max power boost per GT: 15 MW
  • Evaporative Cooling & Wet compression

Fog System Design:


  • Fogging Stages: 16
  • Operating Pressure: 2,000 psi
  • Fog Droplet Size: 19 micron (D v90)
  • MeeFog™ Nozzle Count: 2,048
  • Nozzle Flow Rate: 0.17 lpm per nozzle
  • Max. Water Flow: 348.2 lpm
  • Max. Power Requirement: 119.4 kW

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