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Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

Boost Power with the Cost-Effective Meefog System

Cooling the inlet air of a gas turbine produces a significant power boost and improves fuel efficiency. The boost is bigger in a dry climate but it is still economically significant in very humid areas. A combustion turbine’s output is dependent on the mass of the air being moved through its compressor and the air volume flow per revolution is fixed. Lowering the air temperature increases the density of the air which increases the power output. Cooler air also requires less work to compress, requiring less power and lowering the parasitic load of the compressor.


Evaporative cooling is effective in all climates, from areas with cool summers to the high heat and humidity of the Tropics. MeeFog gas turbine inlet air cooling utilizes the most effective and economical technology available. With more than 1000 installations spanning 30 years, Mee Industries is the leader in applying this technology.


The fogging process is very simple and straightforward. Demineralized water is pressurized to 2,000 psi (138 bar) via the MeeFog pump skid. The water is then fed to MeeFog nozzles, which inject pure water fog into the inlet air flow.

We’ll gladly supply a detailed power recovery report for your existing gas turbines including:

  • Installed system cost.
  • Guaranteed power gain.
  • Predicted MW-hr gain per year.
  • Improve heat rate up to 5%.

MeeFog GT Installation Diagram

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Gas Turbine Diagram
Pump Skid Evaporative Cooling Fog Nozzle Manifold Wet Compression Nozzle Manifold

Pump Skid

Pump Skid

Stainless-steel welded frame with oversized inlet water filter. Water lubricated direct drive pumps means no oil or drive belts to change. Variable frequency drives are used to reduce flow for staging.

Evaporative Cooling Fog Nozzle Manifold

Evaporative Cooling Fog Nozzle Manifold

Cools to wet bulb temperature with droplets evaporating prior to entering compressor. Fog nozzles mounted on stainless steel tubing are wired for FOD avoidance. These precision nozzles are manufactured and tested in our own facility.

Wet Compression Nozzle Manifold

Wet Compression Nozzle Manifold

Fog droplets evaporate inside the compressor, giving an intercooling effect that reduces the work of compression. Water sprayed into the compressor will reduce NOx as well, but only about half as much as water sprayed into the combustors, because much of the air bypasses the combustion process.

System Overview

Power Boost

MeeFog System Benefits

  • Fog cooling increases output by 20% or more.
  • Overspray fogging provides additional boost.
  • Reduced NOx emissions up to 30%.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Reduced CO2 per kW of power.
  • Robust equipment & proven technology.
  • Guaranteed results!

Droplet Comparison

Small droplets have a larger surface to volume ratio compared to larger droplets. This allows them to evaporate much more rapidly than larger droplets.

Want Proof?

We’ll gladly supply a detailed power recovery report for your existing gas turbines including:

  • Installed MeeFog system cost.
  • Predicted MW-hr gain per year.
  • Fuel savings.

Featured Case Study

MeeFog Cooling System
Rapid ROI Pays for Additional Cooling Power

The Challenge
To design the most economical and effective system to increase the power output, and improve the fuel economy, for 12 ABB combustion turbines.

The Solution
MeeFog systems were custom designed and installed to allow fine control over a wider range of temperatures and humidity conditions.

MeeFog Nozzle