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Fog Cooling For Gas Turbines & Heat Exchangers

Project Profile & Case Studies

New York City Financial Institution Data Center Heat Rejection on Rooftop

Evaporative pre-cooling to keep from having to shut down the data center during summer heatwaves.

Steam Condenser Pre-cooling

A combined cycle power plant uses exhaust heat to make steam, the steam is run through a steam turbine…

AC Condenser Pre-Cooling System Provides 16-Month Return on Investment

A circuit board manufacturer in Mexico installed pre-cooling on two York condensers.

MeeFog Project Profile – Gas Turbine Inlet Air Fogging

A Southwestern US Power Station installed MeeFog Systems on two SW 501FD2 gas turbines..

Wet Compression for Two GE 7F.03 Gas Turbines

A power plant in the U.S. installed MeeFog wet compression systems on two GE 7F.03 gas turbines. ..

Adding Wet Compression to Existing Fog System Eagle Point Power Generation – Westville, NJ

Eagle Point Power Generation (EPPG) in Westville, NJ is a 225 MW combined-cycle facility with two GE Frame 7EA turbine..

Three MW Power Boost on LM 6000 in Mexico with MeeFog

Procter & Gamble in Mexico installed a MeeFog evaporative cooling system in their LM 6000 gas turbine in 2006. In 2013 they expanded…

Twelve GE 5371PA Gas Turbines Achieve 48 MW Boost Hallet, AUS

The MeeFog systems provide fog evaporative cooling and wet compression for twelve GE 5371PA gas turbines. Each skid …

MeeFog Cooling System Rapid ROI Pays for Additional Cooling Power

Midland Cogeneration Venture needed a cost-effective way to boost output at their facility. Mee Industries installed inlet air cooling..