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Project Profile & Case Studies

U.S. Embassy Cools Diesel Generators with MeeFog

Project Profile: The U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan faced the challenge of cooling two large rooms housing diesel generators critical for embassy operations.

PetroVietnam Power Achieves 30 MW Boost on Two GT13E2 Turbines

Project Profile: Explore how PetroVietnam Power enhanced their turbines through MeeFog’s advanced fog evaporative cooling and wet compression systems.

Three MW Power Boost on LM 6000 in Mexico with MeeFog

Project Profile: Procter & Gamble in Mexico installed a MeeFog evaporative cooling system in their LM 6000 gas turbine in 2006. In 2013 they expanded…

One GE/Alstom GT-26 Gains 38 MW for JFE Steel Japan

Project Profile: A power producer in Chiba, Japan, initially installed a MeeFog system on their GE/Alstom GT-26 gas turbine in 2003.

Twelve GE 5371PA Gas Turbines Achieve 48 MW Boost Hallet, AUS

Project Profile: The MeeFog systems provide fog evaporative cooling and wet compression for twelve GE 5371PA gas turbines.

High-efficiency MeeFog Pump Skid inside a heated pump shelter

Inlet Air Fogging Upgrade for 2 x GE 7FB.04 Turbines in Wisconsin

Project Profile: Successfully replaced two existing OEM-supplied fog systems to reduce maintenance using advanced MeeFog systems.

Wet Compression for Two GE 7F.03 Gas Turbines

Project Profile: A power plant in the U.S. installed MeeFog wet compression systems on two GE 7F.03 gas turbines.

GE 7EA Gas Turbine

GE 7EA Boosts Linden Cogen 6MW

Project Profile: Linden Cogen installed a MeeFog System to replace an old high-maintenance fog system.

Optimizing Power Recovery in Sahara's Extreme Climate: FT8 Mobile Packs and MeeFog

Four FT8 Mobile Packs Power APR Energy to 16 MW Output

Project Profile: Provided a quick power solution to a remote location in the Sahara.