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Project Profile & Case Studies

Silver Oak Cellars Uses MeeFog Humidification to Reduce Wine Evaporative Losses

Case Study: How Silver Oak Cellars reduces wine evaporation and maintains premium quality with MeeFog’s humidification system. Learn more about the importance of humidity control in wine production.

Takao Nursery

Case Study: MeeFog system creates the perfect growing environment

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards Saves on Topping Costs by Improving Humidification

Case Study: Jamieson Ranch Vineyards noticed their old compressed air systems didn’t have nearly as many nozzles and had to run a lot longer the MeeFog system which distributes the mist far more evenly.

Mobile-Mee Sprayer Makes Altadena Town & Country Club Safe and Sanitary

Case Study: Mobile-Mee disinfectant sprayer brings a safe and sanitary environment to Altadena Town & Country Club