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Project Profile & Case Studies

Wet Compression Boosts Power Output by 24 MW

Project Profile: In 2023, three MeeFog wet compression systems were installed on three GE 7EA gas turbines.

Inlet Cooling & Wet Compression Boosts Power Output by 20 MW

Project Profile: MeeFog systems were installed in 2000 on two Siemans V64.3 gas turbines offering both inlet cooling and wet compression.

Evaporative Cooling & Wet Compression Boosts Power Output by 30 MW

Project Profile: A Vietnamese power company needed a cost-effective way to boost output at their facility.

Inlet Cooling Boosts Power Output by 30 MW

Project Profile: In 2004, Mee Industries installed inlet air cooling systems on two Alstom GT26 gas turbines at a Thailand power plant to boost output cost-effectively.

MeeFog Skid Upgrade Boosts Power Output by 30 MW

Project Profile: Located in Chihuahua, Northwest Mexico, at an altitude of 1,260 meters, this power plant initially installed MeeFog systems in 2006.

Vietnam Electricity Gains 39.6 MW Boost

Project Profile: Vietnam Electricity installed MeeFog systems on two Siemens V94.2 gas turbines.

Victoria Texas 501F Generates 24 MW Boost M501F GT

Project Profile: The MeeFog system provides wet compression downstream of an existing evaporative cooler for the M501F gas turbine.

Texas Plant Gains 2.6 MW with LM-2500 GT

Project Profile: This MeeFog System was installed in 1997 on an LM-2500 that drives air compressors at a Texas gas plant.

Pitchess Detention Center Cogen Gains 8.6 MW with One LM-2500 GT

Project Profile: Correctional facility’s cogeneration plant in California improved efficiency and reduced summer heat impact with a MeeFog system, cooling inlet air and enhancing turbine performance.