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Fog Cooling For Gas Turbines & Heat Exchangers

Project Profile & Case Studies

New York City Financial Institution Data Center Heat Rejection on Rooftop

Case Study: Evaporative pre-cooling to keep from having to shut down the data center during summer heatwaves.

Our Solution: Steam Condenser Pre-cooling

Case Study: A combined cycle power plant uses exhaust heat to make steam, the steam is run through a steam turbine…

AC Condenser Pre-Cooling System Provides 16-Month Return on Investment

Project Profile: A circuit board manufacturer in Mexico installed pre-cooling on two York condensers.

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Fogging on Two SW 501FD2 GTs

Project Profile: A Southwestern US Power Station installed MeeFog Systems on two SW 501FD2 gas turbines.

Wet Compression for Two GE 7F.03 Gas Turbines

Project Profile: A power plant in the U.S. installed MeeFog wet compression systems on two GE 7F.03 gas turbines.

Adding Wet Compression to Existing Fog System Eagle Point Power Generation – Westville, NJ

Case Study: Eagle Point Power Generation (EPPG) in Westville, NJ is a 225 MW combined-cycle facility with two GE Frame 7EA turbine.

Three MW Power Boost on LM 6000 in Mexico with MeeFog

Project Profile: Procter & Gamble in Mexico installed a MeeFog evaporative cooling system in their LM 6000 gas turbine in 2006. In 2013 they expanded…

Twelve GE 5371PA Gas Turbines Achieve 48 MW Boost Hallet, AUS

Project Profile: The MeeFog systems provide fog evaporative cooling and wet compression for twelve GE 5371PA gas turbines. Each skid …

MeeFog Cooling System Rapid ROI Pays for Additional Cooling Power

Case Study: Midland Cogeneration Venture needed a cost-effective way to boost output at their facility. Mee Industries installed inlet air cooling..