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Imprecise Humidification Could Be Costing You $$$

Don’t let poor humidification control cost you.

It is well known that hospitals have tight regulations when it comes to proper air quality. Today, we’re looking at a Cancer Research Hospital/Vivarium in NYC with a need for maintaining proper humidity levels as the air is typically dry during the winter months. Vivariums need to have a tight 30-60% humidity control and maintain 72°F. The hospital was aiming to maintain 50%RH at all times, so they were looking for a reliable system that could run a minimum of 2,000 hours per year.
Their research led them to MeeFog. After a cost analysis was done comparing their existing compressed air system vs. Meefog, what they found was the MeeFog System would save them $35,000 per year in electricity costs. In addition, they earned a $16,000 energy savings rebate from their utility provider.
So we have to ask, how much could you be saving? Let us tell you.

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