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Cakebread Cellars Uses MeeFog to Control Humidity

Blog: MeeFog used to achieve a cave like feel, by maintain proper humidity levels.

Borax looks to MeeFog for Reliability

Blog: MeeFog gas turbine inlet air cooling utilizes the most effective and economical technology available.

Grand River Hospital Gains a Chemical-Free Humidification Solution

Blog: Fog uses clean water from an RO system and saves energy compared to direct steam injection.

Meefog System Gives Watson Cogen an Extra 10MW

Blog: No fog-related blade erosion in 20 years of operation any time the ambient temperature is above 50°F.

Fogging Makes A Comeback!

Blog: Expect a power increase as well as overall performance increase with less maintenance with a properly installed fog system.

Image of building structures for Midland Cogen Venture (MCV).

3 Cost Saving Facts of Evaporative Cooling

Blog: Midland Cogen Venture (MCV) needed an economical and efficient way to gain gas turbine power.

1 Simple Step to Reduce Topping Losses

Blog: Less topping equates to preserving the premium wine produced at Silver Oak Winery.