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Twelve GE 5371PA Gas Turbines Achieve 48 MW Boost Hallet, AUS

A large power station in Hallett, Australia was looking to boost their output. They purchased MeeFog systems to provide fog evaporative cooling and wet compression for twelve GE 5371PA gas turbines. Each skid has four pumps providing sixteen stages of fogging. Each Meefog system produces a 4 MW power boost, resulting in a 48 MW total power boost for all twelve units.

Project Conditions:

Location: Hallett, Australia
Hot day conditions: 41.8° C (107° F) and 24% RH
24.2° C (76° F) wet bulb
Elevation: Sea level
Max power boost per GT: 4 MW
Mee’s scope of work: Supply of fog pump skids, nozzle manifolds, and supervision of installation and commissioning

Fog System Design:

Evaporative cooling and 0.5% (of the air mass flow) as wet compression
Fogging stages: 16
Operating pressure: 2,000 psi
Fog droplet size: 12 microns
Nozzle flow rate: 0.17 lpm per nozzle
MeeFog nozzle count: 512
Max pumping power requirement: 40 HP

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