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Cold Storage

All storage facilities and supermarkets have one thing in common, the need for proper humidity control to help Reduce losses from low humidity.


Gas Turbine Wet Compression

A gas turbine compressor consumes half or more of the work produced by the expansion turbine. Wet Compression increases compressor efficiency producing a significant rise in the power output and fuel efficiency of a gas turbine.

Humidification for Public Spaces

MeeFog humidifies air handling units to meet the makeup air requirements for both valuable objects and human comfort.

Wine Barrel

By humidifying barrel storage rooms, MeeFog drastically reduces the need for topping off barrels during the aging process and aids in maintaining the aging profile for repeatability.

Steam Condenser Pre-Cooling

Meefog systems can be used to pre-cool ambient air for air cooled condensers (ACC) used for petrochemical processes or combined cycle power plants. Pre-cooling can increase process throughput or decrease back pressure on steam turbines.


Cultivators are finding Increased humidity is needed during many stages of production, especially during cannabis propagation where the ideal RH is between 80% and 90%.



Heat Exchanger Pre-Cooling

MeeFog systems increase refrigeration capacity during periods of high ambient temperatures by evaporatively cooling the condenser coils. The capacity increase and electrical demand reduction is significant.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Pest management sprayers cover large areas with a handheld nozzle wand. The multi-nozzle wand outputs up to one half of a gallon per minute of spray to cover large areas in a fraction of the time as compared to single-nozzle sprayers.


The Mobile-Mee is an industrial quality high-volume fogger that can be used to spray any water soluble chemical. it can quickly lay down a thin film of solution. It has a spray distance of over 20 feet.