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Let Fog Be Your Hero!

Let Fog Be Your Hero! - Meefog

Picture a 140,000 sq. ft. building with dual 400-ton air handling units and gas-fired steam humidifiers, that keep failing. Sound familiar? keep reading then, because we have a solution!
Winters in Virginia equal dry conditions, so the need for humidification is a necessity for various reasons. For DCLS, a consolidated laboratory service, based in Virginia, it was mandatory to properly exhaust the labs and office space of any particles or fumes. To achieve the desired results, outside air is required in combination with air handling units to allow for 8-10 complete air changes per hour.
However, as you can imagine outside air equals dry, static air. As a way to combat this issue, DCLS made the switch from the failing steam humidifiers to a fog based system. The cost saving analysis alone was enough to convince them to go with fog, but once the system was installed, they were pleased with the performance and overall simplicity of the system.

For more details on DCLS cost savings analysis, follow this link and let fog be your hero too!

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