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Borax looks to MeeFog for Reliability

Need Long Term Reliability? We’ve Got You Covered

In the scorching Mojave Desert, maximizing output from gas turbines is an ongoing consideration. This was certainly the case for Borax, a Rio Tinto Group mining company in Boron, California. They operate a Siemens/Westinghouse 251B-10 gas turbine to generate electricity, with the potential to sell excess power to Southern California Edison.

Recognizing the need for increased output, Borax focused on enhancing their existing evaporative cooler, a system designed to cool the inlet air entering the gas turbine. Upgrading the evaporative cooler wasn’t enough – they opted for a fogging system, a more effective technology for their hot, dry environment. This fog system proved highly successful, achieving a 10°F reduction in inlet air temperature.

“This decrease in temperature translates to a significant 1MW boost in power output from the gas turbine,” explained a U.S. Borax Utilities Engineer. “The additional power generated easily pays for the fogging system within a year of operation.”

Following up with the engineer 15 years later revealed the system’s continued success, delivering a reliable and long-term solution for Borax’s power generation needs.

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