Boost Your Power, Gain An Edge

Gas Turbine Brochure CoverRealize a wide range of benefits when you use MeeFog™

A MeeFog™ inlet-air fogging system is designed specifically for your application. When implemented, your operation will use substantially less energy while dramatically increasing gas turbine power output. Since 1990, over 950 gas turbine inlet cooling systems have been installed in power plants, processing plants and gas pumping stations worldwide. Each has realized significant gains in power output and cost savings. Reasons to use MeeFog™, the finest in gas turbine inlet-air fog cooling technology:

  • Increases your power output by up to 20% or more
  • The most cost-effective way to increase power
  • Assured with a field tested and proven solution
  • An easy retrofit, only 1-7 days outage
  • Further enhances power output with intercooling
  • Reduces your fuel consumption
  • Diminishes your carbon footprint

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