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Medical Center Benefits from Cost-Efficient MeeFog System

  • Upper Peninsula Medical Center using Meefog humidification systems to reduce energy costs and reduce maintenance costs, humidification for hospitals and medical centers
Meefog humidification systems at Upper Peninsula Medical Center in Marquette to reduce energy consumption levels for hospitals and medical centers

The Upper Peninsula Medical Center is located in the growing and peaceful city of Marquette, which is located on the Southern shore of beautiful Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In order to improve humidification for their hospitals, Meefog Systems came in to reduce energy consumption levels.


  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Improved IAQ.
  • $26,000 savings per year.
  • $3,000 reduction in annual maintenance costs.



  • Staging solenoids
  • Droplet filters
  • Reverse osmosis system

The Marquette Medical-Dental Center was established in 1965, originally housing 18 physicians. Today, with over four (4) major expansions over the years, the Upper Peninsula Medical Center provides private offices for over 120 physicians and other health care professionals.

Over one half of a million patients visit the Upper Peninsula Medical Center annually. Because of the extreme winter conditions and high humidifying loads, Steve Boettcher of Integrated Design knew they needed an energy efficient humidification system. Steve called on Mee Industries for input in designing the energy efficient humidification system.

The environment of the newest addition to the Medical Center is controlled by three air handlers with a total of 69,000 cfm and a humidifier capacity of 500 lbs/hr. The load is matched by using staging solenoids that bring on nozzle headers in various combinations. Excess moisture that is not absorbed into the air stream is collected on droplet filters and drained away. The total electrical load for this system is 2.25 kW. A complete reverse osmosis system to remove unwanted minerals from the water was also installed as part of the system.

Annual energy savings, as compared to gas fired steam generating humidifiers, is in excess of $26,000, with a further reduction of $3,000 in annual maintenance costs.

The building engineer is excited about the reduced maintenance requirements of the MeeFog system and is looking forward to many low maintenance years of humidifying the newest addition to the Upper Peninsula Medical Center.

A typical fog system uses one horsepower for every 600 lbs. of water, which is 3% of the energy usage of compressed air-type systems and about 1% of the energy usage of electric steam systems.

Ready to learn more about how Meefog Systems can help your medical center save on energy costs? Click below to learn more about how we can help.

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