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Kentucky College Installs MeeFog Humidification, Exhaust Cooling Systems and Water Treatment

Humidification for 4 Air Handlers and evaporative cooling for 4 Exhaust Units:

  • This system is designed with redundant pump units for the Air Handlers.
  • All units are on individual stainless steel pump racks, with VFD, PLC with user interface, heat exchanger for part load cooling, and full instrumentation.

Project Conditions:

Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Entering air conditions: 86 °F db / 50° F wb
Leaving air conditions: 55° F db / 50° F wb

Mee’s scope of work: Supply of reverse osmosis system, fog pump skid, staging valves, nozzle manifolds, and mist eliminators. Supervision of installation and startup.

Humidification System Design:

MeeFog nozzle count: 224
Humidification capacity: 3,584 #/hr
Total horse power: 1 x 7.5 hp



Exhaust Cooling System Design:

MeeFog nozzle count: 281
Cooling capacity: 12° F
Total horse power: 1 x 7.5 hp +1×5 hp

Humidification Equipment Schedule

Nozzles mounted in the air handler

Wet section before the cooling coil, any moisture not absorbed in the section is collected on a droplet filter and drained.

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