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Grand River Hospital Gains a Chemical-Free Humidification Solution

How can fog improve air quality?

It is common knowledge that hospitals struggle with keeping patients, visitors and staff comfortable, but more importantly safe from catching diseases. One critical part of doing so is by maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels in all areas of the hospital.

Many hospitals aging steam systems don’t economically provide the necessary moisture, not only that they are adding harmful chemicals into the air stream, (yeah, it doesn’t make sense to us either) which takes us back to the subject at hand….what is the #1 reason fog is better?

The simple answer is no chemicals necessary! Fog uses clean water from an RO system and it not only maintains proper humidity levels but it also improves air quality! (ok, ok that is two reasons, but hey we can’t help it if fog is better!)

At Grand River Hospital they had direct steam injection, when they researched boiler plant steam vs. fog they found that the fog system would pay for itself in less than one season.

To learn more about how Grand RIver Hospital made the switch to fog:

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