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Minimizing Infection through Humidification Control in Hospitals

The Problem: 

When someone coughs or sneezes in a hospital, infection spreads. Over the past 20 years, the
spread of infection in hospitals has been on the rise, growing by 36%, and leading to about 9%
of patients getting sick from illness caught in hospitals.

The Solution:

Mee Industries offers an adiabatic high-pressure water atomizing humidifier in air ducts, to help
maintain relative air humidity and prevent the spread of infection and airborne illness.

Airborne illness is due, in part, to the incidence of HAIs, or health care associated infections. When air is dry, or
when relative humidity is below 40%, airborne viruses are more easily spread. But, when relative humidity is
between 40-60%, droplets can’t remain airborne for very long, and cannot be inhaled by other
patients. Mee Industries adiabatic high-pressure water atomizing humidifier can be placed in hospital air ducts to maintain a relative air humidity between 40-60%, preventing the spread of airborne viruses.

Energy & Cost Efficiency:

Aside from the health benefits, this system is both energy and cost efficient. The energy consumed is a small fraction compared to that of other technologies, such as compressed air, ultra-sonic, or steam systems, using about 1% of the energy that steam systems use. It is also between 12 to 200 times less expensive than other systems.

Learn More:

Read the following addendum to learn more about our ASHRAE and ASHE approved solutions,
how they can prevent the spread of airborne illness in hospitals, and how they can make your systems more energy efficient.

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