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University Vivarium Installs MeeFog Humidification & RO Water Treatment

A Las Vegas University needed an energy-efficient way to add precisely controlled humidity to a Vivarium. In a vivarium (Latin for “place of life”) researchers are raising animals or plants for observation and research. The Las Vegas University installed a MeeFog system with fifteen stages that provide up to 245 lbs per hour of humidity. Purewater is fed into the fog system from a RO water treatment system.

Project Conditions:

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Air Handling Unit: 10,800 CFM
Mee’s scope of work: Supply of fog pump skid, staging valves, nozzle manifolds, mist eliminators & RO Unit. Supervision of installation and startup.

Humidification System Design:

Entering air: 105° F db / 58° F wb @ 1% RH
Leaving air: 85° F db / 58° F wb @ 18% RH
MeeFog nozzle count: 17
Humidification capacity: 245 #/hr
Max gpm/hp: 1.6 gpm @ 2 hp
Humidification stages: 15

Feedlines to the air handler

AHU has wet section before the cooling coil, any moisture not absorbed in the section is collected on a droplet filter and drained.

Installation Gallery

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